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    Our mission is to upgrade the level of style and performance of swimming products for everyone on the planet and to make sure our products are innovative, funky and tough.

    With the help of Founder John Ross, a swim coach who has  spend his entire life swimming and coaching swimmers of all categories from surf to competition, Ministry of Swimming has  designed unique swim gear models and remodelled other classy favourites to give you the edge.  For more than  2 years we have been testing our products involving more than 300 swimmers.

    Ministry of Swimming products are designed to fit anybody.  If you adjust the goggle correctly any of the Ministry of Swimming goggles will fit comfortably to your face.  If you are just a lap swimmer, open water swimmer or training for the olympics, Ministry of Swimming has the gear to make you go the extra distance.  It is simply the best selection of quality swimming eye-wear available.

    We will endeavour to bring hot new ideas  to the swimming world,  to be creative , cool and to make every product give the athletes the edge in the water.

    Ministry of Swimming  primary products are swimming goggles and our new products will soon empower the whole world of water.  If you LIVE TO SWIM then stay tuned with Ministry of Swimming because water is our style.